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ROLE: Coordinator


Advanced Materials Department at Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is in charge of project management, scientific coordination and results dissemination. Additionally, JSI is in charge of small-area pulsed-laser deposition (PLD) growth of piezoelectric materials on silicon and their structural and electromechanical characterization.

Advanced Materials Department has investigated synthesis procedures and structural peculiarities of lead-free piezoelectric materials for about ten years and has published numerous scientific articles within different national and international research projects. Research on sol-gel derived lead magnesium niobate – lead titanate (PMN-PT) films has been initiated in the scope of MNT-ERA.NET project (NAFERBIO.pdf), while state-of-the-art PLD studies of oxide layers are enabled by the Center of Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (PLDXRD), which was cofunded by the Advanced Materials Department in 2010.

The project is coordinated by Dr. Matjaž Spreitzer, who finished his doctoral degree in 2008 at the University of Ljubljana in the field of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-based voltage-tunable materials. As a postdoctoral researcher he worked at the Inorganic Materials Science Group, chaired by Prof. Dr. Guus Rijnders, at the University of Twente in Netherlands. Currently he works as research associate on pulsed laser deposition of oxide thin films. He has published 30 scientific articles and 7 proceeding papers, while results of his research work have been presented at 52 international conferences with 10 invited contributions.


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