The team

The project brings together four partners with expertise in a very diverse field of research and development:

Jožef Stefan Institute

Dr. Matjaž Spreitzer: project management, scientific coordination and results dissemination
Urška Gabor: small-area PLD growth, structural characterization
David Fabijan: electromechanical characterization
Prof. Danilo Suvorov: results dissemination


Dr. Frode Tyholdt: responsible for large-area PLD growth and characterization
Andreas Vogl: transducer modeling
Paul Wittendorp: large-area PLD growth

National Taiwan University

Prof. Wen-Jong Wu: responsible for PMN-PT aerosol deposition, the MEMS EH transducer design and optimization of energy extraction interfacing circuit for the prototyped EH
Chao-Ting Chen: ceramic target preparation, PMN-PT aerosol deposition and transducer design


Damjan Golob: responsible for integration of the EH
Aljaž Krulec: integration of the EH with other electrical components like sensors, prototype fabrication and validation


Enpiezo team meeting at JSI

The ENPIEZO team on the first meeting at the Jožef Stefan Institute